Vegan Comic Shappi Korsandi On I’m A Celebrity

Comic Shappi Korsandi has come out as vegan less than a month before she is due to head to the Jungle for I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here.

The popular ITV TV programme has been condemned by animal welfare activists in the past as contestants are regularly asked to eat animal products – some of which are alive like wichety grubs.

Further to this, the celebrities are often asked to take part in challenges where insects are poured onto them or they have to touch and identify exotic mammals and reptiles. Not only is this exploitation for entertainment, but during these challenges the animals can get hurt or crushed by the celebrities.





Credit: Shappi Korsandi Twitter

How will Shappi deal with these challenges? It is likely, we think, that because she has announced she is vegan, she will be more likely to be voted by the public to complete the challenges. Will she refuse to take part in the cruel challenges?

On her Twitter page her fans have also expressed their confusion at her decision.

Phil Weight said: “Oh dear Shappi, no. Bad idea. Cruelty to animals. Debasement for money. Voyeurism. Shabby TV. Thought you had more class. It’s another unfollow from me I’m afraid.”

Jameie Lee Hoban said: “Will be rooting for you to win while you will [be] eating roots good luck.”

Sherry Warrick said: “I am disgusted that you would participate in so much animal cruelty. I used to admire you for your principles. Not anymore.”

Earlier this month Shappi announced that she was vegan in an article in the Independent newspaper. She wrote: “The last few months have marked a significant chapter in my life: I have started to come out to my friends and family as vegan.

“I only ever meant to do it for a month. I worried it would be a faff. Then I had a glorious realisation: lots of beer is vegan, gin is vegan and crisps are vegan. What else do I need? OK. I’ll have a handful of blueberries and some red kidneys beans if you insist.”

We really hope that Shappi is an advocate for veganism in the jungle and will be following her time in the jungle.


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