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Vegan dating app wants to help you find both friends and love

Grazer, vegan dating app and friend-finder, is crowdfunding to take its reach further, uniting more likeminded vegans

Grazer is more than a vegan dating app; the platform states that it is on a mission to create connections between passionate vegans on the look out for friends, as well as life partners.


Now, after a successful first few years, the vegan dating app wants to take its reach further and help more like-minded people to come together. Being part of the vegan community themselves, co-founders Lewis Foster and Charlotte Elizabeth have witnessed and experienced how hard it can be to find a vegan partner.



Yesterday, Grazer launched its first crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, and co-founders Charlotte and Lewis want you to be a part of the journey.


Lewis explains: “Our success so far has been down to the power of the vegan community. For us, it was important we give our users and the community that supported us a chance to own part of Grazer and be part of the story too.”


vegan dating app


The funds raised will be used predominantly on their marketing efforts, to accelerate the growth of Grazer and help connect the plant-based movement across the world.


Meat-Eaters Are A No-Go


With 52 per cent of vegans and 39 per cent of vegetarians saying they would not date a meat-eater, Grazer is the plant-based connection app, set to conquer the dating world, one meatless match at a time.


Charlotte comments: "If you’re single and vegan, you’ll likely have to navigate through mainstream dating apps, where 41 per cent of online daters are put off when someone mentions the word vegan on their profile. Grazer provides a space where ‘vegan’ comes as standard, not a surprise.”

The plant-based movement is growing rapidly across the world especially with GenZ who is the most vegan generation ever. 20 per cent of Gen Z in the UK are now meat-free and a further 26 per cent planned to go meat-free in 2021. Grazer wants to ‘represent the new wave of veganism and move past the outdated stereotypes’.


Plant-Based Revolution


Charlotte says: “Veganism is not a fad, we think it’s a permanent social movement that will define our generation. Grazer is more than a niche app, we see it as a brand that will push into the mainstream and establish itself as part of popular culture.”



Lewis and Charlotte think Grazer can help change the world. Lewis says: “We believe the world needs a plant-based revolution to help reduce our impact on the planet. We see Grazer as being the connector for the growing plant-based community. We believe we have a vital role to play in accelerating the growth of veganism, by uniting and empowering the movement across the world. By investing in Grazer you can be part of the revolution and help us connect the new-wave of plant-pioneers.”


More than just a dating app, 20 per cent of Grazer’s users are using it’s friend-finding feature. Grazer describes itself as a networking hub – connecting the consciously like-minded through meat-less matches.



The Seedrs campaign went live on the 6th of January on this link.



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