Vegan Designer Tom Ford Showcases Cruelty Free Crocodile Leather

The fashion industry has taken a positive turn in regards to cruelty free fashion recently.

Last week in Vegan Life news, we covered articles about The Rise in Ethical Fashion, we spoke about Paloma Faith and her concerns over fur in the fashion industry and back in August and we covered the news about cruelty free designer Stella McCartney and her ethical collaboration with sportswear brand Adidas.

Not only that, but London Fashion Week revealed recently that they are to go completely fur free this September!

So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard today that recent vegan convert and fashion giant Tom Ford, has launched a cruelty-free crocodile leather, displayed on the opening night of New York fashion week, just this Wednesday passed.

Back in February, Tom Ford revealed that he was now following a vegan lifestyle, which left him feeling conflicted about the use of real fur within the fashion industry, so we are thrilled to see that he is putting his ethical beliefs into practice by designing this new animal free fabric.

Hopefully, thanks to designers like Tom ford, other designers that still use fur, leather and other unethical animal materials, will follow suit and take the moral high ground. Designers including Gucci, Versace, Donna Karan, and most recently, Burberry, have all removed real fur from their fashion lines.

More designers need to realise that fur is dead, leather is not natural and animal skin in general results in suffering – there is no need for animal skin of any kind to be worn or displayed as a fashion garment.


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