Vegan Dinner Cruise Costing $60 Per Head Served Carrot Sticks to Guests

A vegan dinner cruise in Sydney, Australia, costing $60 per head served carrot sticks to guests in a ‘dismal’ serving of finger food, rather than the nine course dinner that was promised to the guests. Hungry guests claimed that they were ‘starving’ and ‘sea gulled’ next to the kitchen doors waiting for food, while others were begging waiters to bring food to their tables.

The event, Sydney Vegan Club Harbour Cruise Party has been run by the same organiser in previous years, and blamed the food shortage on ‘greedy’ guests, and on miscalculating the amount of food required.

In a Facebook post written by the organiser, they wrote: “One of the factors on the night that caused the food to run out and not be evenly distributed was that about 25% of the guests greedily ate 50% of the food which was unfortunate. Another was that the kitchen was only on one level of the boat, so people on level one ate most of the food as it brought out from the kitchen before it was able to be taken to level two or the rooftop.”

Guests have since learned that the food that was at the event was donated, and that the staff were unpaid volunteers who seemed untrained in handling food. One cruise goer commented online saying: “Some friends and I were on it in 2016 and it was exactly the same then. Not enough food, everything was delayed, the people working for free in the kitchen eating the food and has no gloves on their hands, touched the food and put it back, touch their hair and then the food etc.” The white wine served to the guests was not vegan, prompting further frustration at the event.

In the same Facebook post, the organizer explained that the profit he took from the event was to cover his living expenses, and that organizing vegan events is his ‘full time job’. The event ended with many people on board the cruise going to fast food restaurants after not receiving the food promised.



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