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Vegan Entrepreneur Heather Mills Launching Vegan Cosmetics Range

VBites owner Heather Mills has announced on her Instagram page that she will be launching the world’s first ‘truly’ vegan cosmetics range.

In the video, Mills said: “Just finished a meeting with the Department of Industry and Trade […] to introduce you to different distributors and shops around the world, and I’m going to be bringing a up the first internationally commercial vegan cosmetic range, that’s truly, truly vegan.”

“A lot of people are advertising that they’re vegan but they don’t know a lot of things have previously been tested on animals, so it’ll be great to actually put something on your face like the stuff that we make that’s bright and colourful and makes us feel alive in the morning.”

Mill’s didn’t confirm a release date or brand name, but said to “watch this space” and there will be an update when more information is available.

The entrepreneur switched to a vegan diet after recurring infections following the amputation of one leg after a motorbike accident. Antibiotics were ineffective in healing the infection, which could have led to further problems. You can find out more about Heather Mills’ experience with veganism for health in the September issue of PlantBased magazine, a sister publication to Vegan Life.

Mills’ has also set up the VBites Ventures investment fund, which allows her to invest in vegan start-up businesses. She recently invested in Mylkman, a plant-based milk delivery service and in vegan shake brand FitDelis.

In addition to this, Mills bought an old Walkers Crisps factory and an old Kellogg’s factory to bring more jobs to local areas in the north of England.

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  2. […] post Vegan Entrepreneur Heather Mills Launching Vegan Cosmetics Range appeared first on Vegan Life […]

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