Plant Alternative [SHICKEN] Ready Meals

Plant Alternative's mission is very simple, they want to offer vegan alternatives for everyday favourite meat-based foods.

The brand, founded by Satvinder and Parm Bains back in 2020, comprise an exciting range of hand crafted, authentic vegan Asian ready meals, sides and snacks, making it easier for anyone to try and switch to a plant-based diet with meat-free versions of their favourite foods. Satvinder and Parm might only have kicked things of last year, but following a sell-out first month of retailing, they have built up a massive following of happy customers.

The brand says: \"If the masses can have the same experience of eating chicken with our vegan chicken [SHICKEN] range then together we can make a real difference!\"

\"Our uniqueness lies within our [SHICKEN] pieces, soya chicken plant-based vegan pieces which are the first chicken-style pieces that have the closest match in appearance, texture and taste to real chicken, so our customers tell us. We are very proud of the vegan products that our chefs have developed, combining our unique [SHICKEN] vegan chicken pieces and our hand-made authentic traditional Indian curry recipes.\"

\"But we didn't stop there, we take our responsibility very seriously on the impact our products have on our environment and our planet. It's for this reason that our goal from the very beginning was to be plastic-free in our packaging, using a combination of sugarcane pulp trays and lids which are home compostable and card sleeves that are recyclable.\"

For more information, visit plantalternative.com


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