VEGAN Happy - Lorri Delahunty

VEGAN Happy, founded by Lorri Delahunty just a few years ago, is an ethical clothing brand based near Worcester, England. Although a young company, after receiving great demand for their garments overseas, Lorri has recently expanded, taking the business to the USA, where it now also operates in Boston, MA.

Lorri tells Vegan Life how the VEGAN Happy journey started: \"Our gorgeous beagle, Poppy, had an accident late at night, and as we were recovering from this traumatic experience, I was pre-planning dinner for the next day in my head and suddenly, somehow, a light switch was flicked...

How could I be considering taking chicken out of the freezer when I treated another animal with such respect and care, and the chicken so carelessly?\" \"By the next day, and after watching What The Health, both my husband and I were fully vegan.

It took less than 12 hours to effect a change that should have happened 40 years earlier.\" \"It was going well, but we couldn't find the sort of subtle, stylish and classy vegan clothes we wanted to wear, so we set about making our own.\"

Now, VEGAN Happy has a growing range of affordable and stylish vegan-friendly clothes, with styles for all ages and genders. Every garment has the subtle VEGAN Happy logo, or a vegan message printed on, helping to spread the vegan word around the world.

For more info, visit veganhappyclothing.co.uk


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