Vegan Fashion Week debuts in LA for fashion-meets-activism tribute to animals

The world’s first vegan fashion week took place from 1st-4th February 2019, dedicating a platform to share the most innovative in vegan fashion, fronted by designers and creatives with a passion for ethical couture clothing.

The event was held prior to New York Fashion Week to give like-minded designers and activists the opportunity to share their passions on the runway. Designers in attendance included Dr Martens, Noemie Devime, Matea Benedetti, Mink Shoes, Ecopel and much more.

Vegan Fashion Week was established by animal rights activist and creative director, Emmanuelle Rienda as a tribute to animals and “an ode to the end of animal exploitation in all forms.”

The launch took place at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, showcasing the best cruelty-free fashion to the industry, with other events taking place around the city during the week.

Everything at the fashion week was vegan and ethically-sound; make up was provided by Kat Von D Beauty, hair products by Giovanni Cosmetics and vegan models from Margaux The Agency.

Speaking about the event, Emmanuelle Rienda said: “I created a collective runway with curated designer pieces from across the globe to show vegan alternatives that are ethical, sustainable and elevated.

“We showcased Piñatex pineapple leather, apple leather, eco-friendly faux fur by Ecopel, faux wool, cork exotic skins and more.”

Notable vegans that were in attendance included Moby, Harley Quinn Smith and Mena Suvari, and guests were greeted with plant-based cocktails from Café Gratitude.

Rienda added: “After a very successful launch, I am already planning the next vegan fashion week in one of the biggest fashion destinations of the world. I am on a mission to challenge the fashion industry at its roots until cruelty-free is the norm.”


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