Duplicity Part 1: Wake Up Your Compassion

By Alex On Fruits

All life matters. From the ladybirds to the squirrels to the tigers. All animals want to live. We put this message in the movies we make for children. We want them to grow up to respect all life. “Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!” touches on respecting life big and small. In “Free Birds” we show them animated turkeys trying to get turkey off the Thanksgiving menu. “Chicken Run” is similar; the film shows chickens attempting to escape an evil farmer.

Films like “Finding Nemo” and “Happy Feet” display how cruel the fishing industry is. There’s a scene in “Finding Nemo” where a lot of fish are caught in a net. They fight against the fishermen by swimming downwards. “Happy Feet” talks about humanity’s fishing habits. We take too many fish out of the sea and there are virtually none left for the penguins. Let’s not forget about “Bee Movie”. It’s all about how humans steal and eat the bees’ honey. These films and others show the cruelty of animal agriculture.

These films have VEGAN messages. Somewhere along the way this message gets jumbled in with the brainwashing children are exposed to. A big part of the brainwashing is feeding them animal by-products and animals; dead and conveniently on their plate. They eat up the chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and grilled cheese sandwiches served to them. Why do we feed them the very animals we claim we want them to respect? Why are we sending them mixed messages?

Compassion comes naturally to us. We’ve all seen the videos of children refusing to eat animals. Humans are humane by default. It appears to get bred out of us by our parents and society. But, I think it just gets buried deep down. It’s not uncommon for people to find it. Everyday, people awaken their compassion and go vegan. Even the most unlikely of people, like butchers, hunters, and dairy farmers, find their way to veganism.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series. Stay tuned!

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