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Amanda Townend

This month's founder: Ananda Foods - Derbyshire

My Vegan Story

I've been vegetarian since I was 13. We raised our children on a vegetarian diet and gradually adopted a vegan lifestyle once we started attending vegan fairs 10 years ago.

It's been surreal seeing veganism become so popular; my husband, a long-time vegan, has seen incredible change. There are now so many alternatives in every aspect of life.


Early Inspiration

I have always loved baking. I would take my creations to school events and friends would suggest that I start a business, which I never took seriously until I struggled to find gelatine-free marshmallows when looking for some to toast on bonfire night. I guess this was a lightbulb moment.

Tips for budding entrepreneurs

Do what you love, and others will love it, too. Be you. Be unique, take risks. It's not easy starting a business and if you're an artisan producer it's going to be hard work. Accept help and don't try to do everything yourself (a lesson I am still learning).


\"It's been surreal seeing veganism become so popular; my husband, a long-time vegan, has seen incredible change\"

The best thing about being vegan

Vegetables, salad and houmous! But seriously, my husband is a fabulous vegan cook, and he ensures that our meals have all the valuable nutrients our family needs. A healthy balanced diet is essential for a balanced healthy outlook on life.

Stranded on an island. The one vegan product or treat I would want with me is...

I would have to say Pips Cashew Cheese. My husband and I enjoyed a selection board at Christmas, and it was absolutely divine. A real treat and so skillfully crafted.

Fun Fact

We are a small team of six. My husband likes to rock out in the office. Our chief marshmallow maker has six cats.

My children have been attending vegan fairs since they were seven, nine and 11 and my eldest daughter named our mallow biscuit 'Round Up'.

What's next

The kitchen is busy with new Limited Edition flavour combos. A new chocolate bar is on the horizon and we have just launched our new range of Shortbread biscuits.

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