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Vegan Founded

Plant-based start-ups you need on your radar

This month's founders:

Luke and Rebecca Tonks

Nourish Bud

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Our vegan story

Like most, it was a gradual process. Rebecca is lactose intolerant, so we've never eaten much dairy, and after ongoing research into the benefits of going plant-based, we cut the rest out too. We've both been fully vegan since 2019 - we were travelling the world at the time and discovering stunning different flavours and techniques in vegan cooking.

Early inspiration

Our passion is health and nutrition. We love a vegan sausage as much as anyone, but for us the beauty of veganism is the potential health benefits. Unprocessed ingredients and quality food are so beneficial for our physical and mental health, and we want to use this passion to really invest in the health of our customers.

Tips for other start-ups

Pick your selling point. Veganism has almost endless benefits - it is cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, healthy, sustainable… The
list goes on. You'll want to shout about it all and you should, but be careful not to let whatever makes you truly special get lost. Focus on what you do best and tell everyone!

The best thing about being vegan

For Rebecca, a vegan diet has been the best tool for solving a multitude of lifelong stomach problems, which are now almost nonexistent! We both feel more energised and have fun experimenting with different ingredients.

You're stranded on an island. What one vegan treat would you want with you?

Stranded on an island - assuming a tropical location there'd be fresh fruit in abundance, right? So, it's got to be ice cream! We're obsessed with the Roar Salted Caramel and Macadamia flavour.

Fun fact

Founders Luke and Rebecca (also husband and wife) have a 'bud' in the oven! We're expecting our first baby this December, and we're so excited to welcome our new little taste-tester to the team.

What's next

We've just started delivering nationwide. It's an incredibly exciting new step and all we want is to grow, fill fridges across the UK and be advocates of vegan eating, reaching as many people as possible!

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