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This month's founder: Jordan Martin. Vegan Camp Out. Nottinghamshire, UK

My vegan story

I first turned vegetarian after watching a video by Steve-O (from Jackass) in 2013. I then turned vegan in 2015 after learning more about the dairy and egg industries, from watching documentaries like Earthlings and Cowspiracy.

Early inspiration

The inspiration for Vegan Camp Out was from me going to music festivals my whole life around the world and realising there was nothing like that in the vegan world. So, I decided to start a music festival-type event but which was based around veganism and animal rights.

Tips for others

Find something original, ideally that no one else is doing (or at least could be done better), which you'd enjoy doing and do that. Do market research by understanding your audience. Secure some funding. And then lastly, promote it! Facebook, Instagram, ad's, word of mouth, flyers, collaborations, networking. The lot!

The best thing about being vegan

Veganism is a stance against all the horrors committed against animals.

It's not about being perfect but about doing the best you can, and hopefully being able to influence others to follow your lead or consider animal rights at least.

You're stranded on an island. What one vegan product/treat would you want with you?

I'd want to have lots of fruit winders (also one of your five-a-day - who knew!), Millions, black and red Fruit Pastilles and Starburst. I like sweets, I guess.

Fun fact

Vegan Camp Out is now the UK's largest vegan event. We're also world's largest vegan camping event and most international vegan event, having people travel from around 40 countries to attend (when we're not in a worldwide pandemic!). It's also currently family ran by brother and sister - Jordan and Ellis.

What's next

We're working hard to bring the biggest and best event yet this year in August. And we're hopefully also branching out into other countries in 2022 which is very exciting!

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Jordan Martin


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