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This month's founder:

Juliet Gellatley

Viva! Bristol, UK

My vegan story

When I was in my early teens, I discovered the horrors of factory farming. I wangled my way on to a 'mega' pig farm and witnessed the sheer scale of animal suffering - rows of pigs confined to cages, gnawing on their metal prisons.

At the end of a row of sow stalls, there was a large boar who dragged his exhausted body towards me. He looked straight at me, his sad, deep eyes staring into mine. In that moment, I knew I would dedicate my life to saving animals.

Early inspiration

Ten years later, I was campaigning nationally on vegetarianism. We were really making waves and starting to gain traction.

But it wasn't enough - I wanted to campaign loud and proud on vegan issues, with a focus on undercover investigations. So, I decided to launch my own vegan charity and in 1994, Viva! was born.

Tips for others

Now, more than ever, there is a huge demand for vegan businesses so there has never been a better time - go for it! It may seem overwhelming but there is nothing more rewarding than dedicating your life to saving animals.

The best thing about being vegan

Knowing that you are actively saving animals lives has to be the most rewarding thing about being vegan. Plus, we all know now that going vegan is the single biggest action you can take to reduce your impact on the planet - what's not to love?!

You're stranded on an island. What one vegan treat would you want with you?

My treat would be New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from the Viva! Shop. I would sip it whilst taking in the glorious sunsets… I'm presuming it's a warm climate!

Fun fact

Shortly after the launch of Viva!, we entered a regional fun competition for Brains of NW Britain. We played against a team of butchers in the final and won.

What's next

We're fighting to create a vegan world! This year we're focusing on two major campaigns; End Factory Farming Before it Ends Us and our environment campaign, Vegan Now.



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