Willow Boyle

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This month's founder:

Willow Boyle

co-founder, Mummy Meagz Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire

My vegan story

I have been vegetarian since the day I discovered what meat really was. I have always loved animals and when I found out that people eat them, I remember as a child being genuinely horrified.

I became vegan 10 years ago when I discovered how the dairy industry works.

Early Inspiration

As passionate vegans, we wanted to create products that were made FOR vegans and made BY vegans. We were sick of visiting the free from aisle and picking up snacks full of nuts and seeds, with little taste. Sometimes we just need an indulgent, chocolatey treat!

Willow Boyle
Group of young people practicing yoga In the prayer position at gym, Concept of relaxation and meditation

Tips for budding entrepreneurs

Do it for the right reasons. Realise that not everyone thinks the same way as you. You will never be able to please everyone, so as long as you are doing the best you can, be proud of yourself.

The best thing about being vegan

Being part of such a wonderful compassionate community. I have made some amazing friends through my lifestyle choices and activism. It's a special club to be in!

Stranded on an island. The one vegan product or treat I would want with me is...

Can I say my three vegan dogs? I know that's three things, but can I class them as one? And they're not a product - but they are a treat!

Group of young people practicing yoga In the prayer position at gym, Concept of relaxation and meditation

Fun fact

Mummy Meagz is a real person. She's a 72-year-old, outspoken, vegan activist who makes incredible vegan food. She's also my mum and an inspiration to me and the team. She designs all of the packaging and has the final say on everything! I honestly don't know anyone who works so hard or is so passionate. And we don't argue with her!

What's next

We have so many exciting new products we are preparing to launch, to make veganism easy and accessible to everyone. We want to work towards a vegan world, and we will do everything we can to help that happen.

Find Willow and the Mummy Meagz team at mummymeagz.com


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