They're Vegan & Friendly and helping to change the world

Clothing brand Vegan & Friendly are helping to change the world for the better

Vegan & Friendly are a new eco-friendly, feel-good clothing and accessories brand for plant-based women and kids


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Looking for some beautiful new clothes? Or, perhaps you’re after some eco-friendly homewares to kit out your house with. There are so many companies online these days that claim they are Earth-conscious or aim to help animals, but it can be tough to see through greenwashing. Enter: Vegan & Friendly. 


Family-owned and based in Kent, Vegan & Friendly clothing specialise in hand-crafted lettering and illustration. The brand create all of their unique clothing, accessories and homeware ranges in-house.


As a new business in 2020, Vegan & Friendly wanted to ensure that they make as little environmental impact as possible. So, they have carefully selected companies to work with that share the Vegan & Friendly ethos across their entire supply chain.


From the manufacturing process to the plastic-free packaging, every step of the Vegan & Friendly business has the welfare of animals, workers and the planet in mind.


‘Against Animal and Human Exploitation’


Vegan & Friendly explain: “Making the right choices in life are very important to us. When you buy our garments, you can rest assured that our items have not contributed towards any form of animal or human exploitation.”


“All cotton in our products comes from sustainable organic Indian cotton. One hundred per cent of the production of our clothing undergoes annual audits to comply with the Fair Wear Foundation Code of Labour Practices in accordance with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions.”


“Our products are made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials. And, the carbon footprint of our products has been reduced by some 90 per cent.”


“At Vegan & Friendly, we care about every product and customer as much as we care about every animal and the planet we all live on. We want the products we sell to not only look and feel good, they have to do good, too.”


“From the women and kids clothing to the accessories and homeware ranges, we have hand-picked products and suppliers and fulfilment services that are ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly. And we always will. Our family is dedicated to upholding our sustainability mission.”


The Vegan & Friendly ethos is highly commendable, and with more of us switching to more eco-friendly brands, they are sure to grow and grow.



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