Vegan-Friendly Tennis Gear Website is Launched

Sheeps launch vegan-friendly tennis gear website

In the midst of Wimbledon, online retailers Sheeps are set to release the first vegan-friendly tennis ball, which is free-from sheep wool and all other animal products.

Each year, 360 million tennis balls are produced – most of which contain animal wool. Many people still believe that sheep shearing is an act of kindness and that the sheep are treated well; sadly, in most cases, this is not true as the animals are subjected to harsh treatment and are slaughtered prematurely because their wool is no longer fit retail purposes.

Sheeps’ goal is to expose the wool industry, as a recent press release shares that they are ‘accommodating [to] tennis players seeking to avoid animal cruelty; raising awareness about the hardships of sheep; and building a movement intent on making tennis cruelty-free.’

Founder, Danny Rosenthal, expresses that he is a ‘passionate tennis player, an animal welfare supporter and a 26-year vegan’. After discovering that most tennis balls contain sheep wool, he launched Sheeps with the goal of removing all animal cruelty from tennis.

To find Sheeps full range of products, which include polo shirts, racquet strings and tennis shoes, visit their website.


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