Vegan Home Cooks, Go Nuts for Bake Off

Get ready to bake with Whitworths all-you-need Bake Off Sugar Bundles. Available online from their sugar shop throughout Bake Off season. You’ll be ready to hit the kitchen the minute inspiration strikes!


Whether you’re a novice vegan baker, an expert in technical challenges or an aspiring entrepreneur who’s used lockdown to turn their love of baking into a business, Whitworths want to bring a little happiness to your Bake Off experience by inspiring you to create a masterpiece – or just have a bit of fun – in your own kitchen.


Vegan Large Whitworths Sugar bundle

Vegan Large Whitworths Sugar bundle


The myths of sugar

A brand spokesperson says: “We’re keen to dispel a few myths. Firstly, ‘sugar’s just sugar, surely?’ That’s where you’re wrong.”


“Light soft brown sugar melts rapidly for a delicate aroma and flavour, Molasses sugar gives an intense, caramel flavour. Then there’s the swirls and peaks of Royal Icing sugar or the smooth glossiness of Fondant Icing sugar.”


“At Whitworths Sugar there’s a sugar for every recipe, 18 in total which are all vegan, bar one (Royal Icing)!”


“The second myth: ‘sugar’s not healthy’. There would be an element of truth in that, assuming you were to eat your way through the packet, but sugar is 100 per cent natural and home-baking is a great way to ensure you’re in control of all the ingredients and the quantities you use.”


“So, get baking in the run up to Christmas and create your own Bake Off healthy recipes.”


bake off


“The final myth: ‘showstoppers are for the experts’. Well, we think Celebrity Bake Off dispelled that myth! One of the most rewarding aspects of baking is celebrating a significant event with a breath-taking, hand-made centrepiece, decorated with love, passion and creativity.”


“It’s not about perfection either – it’s about the love you put in with every stir, beat and fold. It’s also about what ends up on your face, in your hair and all over the floor. Like love and relationships, baking can be messy, and that just makes it more fun.”


“So, whether your favourite Bake Off challenges revolve around bread or chocolate week, technical challenges or signature bakes, be sure to order your Bake Off Sugar Bundle so you’re ready to go on Week One.”


“The pandemic has taken so much away from us, but it has also allowed many to discover the unbridled joy of baking at home. So go on, treat yourself, and share your vegan creations with us [#gonutsforbakeoff]!”


Shop Whitworths sugar bundles from their website from the 20th of August –



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