Vegan ‘Imposter Burger’ hits KFC

KFC have announced that they will be trialling a vegan burger


For the first time ever, KFC will be testing out a ‘chicken’ burger suitable for vegans. The trial period will take place for four weeks from 17th June, and will feature across select restaurants in London, Bristol and the Midlands.



KFC vegan imposter burger



The fast food chain’s usual chicken patty will be replaced with a bespoke vegan Quorn fillet, coated in the restaurant’s Original Recipe herbs and spices. It will come topped with iceberg lettuce and plant-based mayonnaise, all contained in a soft glazed bun.



‘Game changer’



Dawn Carr, director of Vegan Corporate Projects at PETA, comments: “We’ve been so excited to hear about this and play a part in KFC’s journey to reaching this game-changing new vegan range. We’re confident it will be a huge hit with the skyrocketing numbers of vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians around the UK. Clucking marvellous!”





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