Vegan Influencers gather together to celebrate veganism

Vegan Influencers – Plant-based industry professionals gather together to celebrate veganism.


International vegan food brand, The Fry Family Food Co, recently gathered plant-based industry leaders together, so they could discuss their vision for the future of veganism.


Vegan Influencers at the Veganuary event included a number of key press, influencers and industry professionals, who attended the event at Stem + Glory in Barbican, London.
They celebrated veganism and shared ideas for the future landscape of the industry while sampling some of Fry’s newest kitchen innovations.


Derek Sarno Wicked Kitchen

Derek Sarno – founder of Wicked Kitchen

The audience heard talks from representatives from leading vegan organisations such as the Vegan Society and Veganuary, as well as industry leaders including Derek Sarno – the co-founder of Wicked Healthy and executive chef and director of plant-based innovation at Tesco, as well as holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle expert; Plant Power Doctor, Dr Gemma Newman.


Tammy Fry, international marketing director at the Fry Family Food Co, dialled in from Australia, having been unable to travel to the London event due to the current bushfire crisis.


Discussions ranged from ethics to the climate crisis, as well as the holistic benefits of veganism, and how the most important people in the plant-based movement are the ones outside it, according to Toni Vernelli of Veganuary.


Tim Thorpe from the Vegan Society was also in attendance, discussing the environmental science and conservation benefits of veganism, as well as the organisation’s crucial campaign work calling for policies to shift towards a more plant-based agricultural system in the UK.

The Fry Family Food Co. also revealed two new products for Veganuary at the event; fishless fillets and plant-based pizzas, which guests had the chance to sample alongside Fry Family favourites such as rice protein and chia nuggets, and southern-style tenders.


Tammy Fry, commented: “The rise of Veganuary has been fantastic to witness, so we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the initiative, and gather together with leading industry experts and members of the community to discuss the future.”


“We’re constantly developing new and innovative products which we hope will play a part in encouraging more people to opt for a plant-based lifestyle, so it was great to hear about how our peers are researching and innovating in this area.”


“We’re thrilled to have been able to gather together key industry players at our celebration event. We would like to thank the speakers for attending, and for the fantastic work they do for veganism in the UK and around the world.”




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