Our favourites this month

Sweet Like Heaven


A classic combination re-imagined to be healthier for you and better for the planet! Crunchy whole roasted hazelnuts smothered in velvety smooth and creamy chocolate. Rich, indulgent and made sensational with a hint of sea salt. The Prodigy bar range is vegan, shuns palm oil and has less than half the sugar of typical chocolate bars. Now certified Climate Neutral and Plastic-Negative where 10 single-use plastic wrappers are removed for each Prodigy bar sold. Use code VL30 for 30 per cent off Prodigy treats in January!

£1.75, prodigysnacks.com

Balls Of Glory


Vegan ‘meatballs’ from Vbites in Bolognese sauce. Quick to prepare and very satisfying — vegan comfort food at its best.
£2.39, sumawholesale.com


Smoked Sea Salt Flakes

The secret to giving a richness to any dish (or even a cocktail!) — Maldon’s Smoked Sea Salt is gently smoked over oak giving a distinctive and refined flavour.
£1.75, sainsburys.co.uk

Untitled design (2)

Vegan Beanie in Cable Knit Melange

Coming in an array of colours — black, yellow, navy, maroon, white and grey, this gorgeous chunky beanie will keep you warm all through the winter. Not only this, but the subtle VEGAN Happy logo will help you to gently spread vegan awareness, instigating conversations from curious passers-by.
£22, veganhappyclothing.co.uk

Vegetarian Shoes

Airseal Boulder Boot Town Patent

Handcrafted in the UK, the super-shiny vegan Boulder Boot offers the classic eight-eyelet pattern, a sewn-in bellows tongue and a stitched and welded sole giving supreme strength and durability.
£134.95, vegetarian-shoes.co.uk


Fragrant Papaya Chia and Lentil Dahl with Coconut and Moringa

Taking inspiration from one of our nation’s favourite cuisines, this delicious and nutritionally complete meat alternative is made with 100 per cent clean ingredients and is perfect for dogs with delicate tummies.
From £2.95, dogslovehownd.com

Foodie Flavours

Gorilla Vanilla Organic Vanilla Extract

Gorilla Vanilla is lovingly crafted in the UK with organically farmed vanilla beans from Uganda — the land of mountain gorillas. Pollinated, harvested and cured to give a distinctively rich flavour for baking, desserts and more.
£19.99, foodieflavours.com


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