Vegan Life Magazine Podcast launches tomorrow 26th February 2021

Vegan Life Magazine Podcast Is Going To Make You Hungry


Vegan Life Magazine – winner of Best Vegan Magazine in the UK for six years running – launches a brand-new podcast this Friday 26th February.


It’s the podcast the world has been waiting for – there’s no beating around the bush or emotional outbursts; we get straight to the good stuff. REALLY good fun and not just for vegans, the Vegan Life Magazine Podcast is for anyone who enjoys playing with their food.


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Best described as a veganised Kitchen Cabinet, the podcast is hosted by comedian, writer and all-round foodie Jake Yapp, joined each week by the very best vegan chefs, bakers and food-gurus out there.


Episode One, Go Suck On A Kale Leaf, starts the way the best things do – with cake. Baking whizzes Gretchen Price, Kate Emmett and Katie White share their top tips and trade secrets to successful plant-based baking. And we learn why you should go suck on a kale leaf… No, really!


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For newbies to ‘nooch’ wizards and everyone in between, the Vegan Life Magazine podcast is light-hearted and engaging, helping listeners out with any issues they’re having with vegan cooking, and swapping tips and tricks. What do you do with tofu? How do I get my Yorkshire puddings to rise? Why isn’t my lava cake gooey in the middle? All these questions and more will be answered, so clear your schedule and get ready to listen.


Tune in to the pilot episode this Friday from 6:30am on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Google Podcasts and don’t forget to subscribe, share, rate and review the podcast to allow it to grow.


For further information, please contact:
Press Contact: Hannah Biggs
Vegan Life Magazine
Tel: 01787 224040
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