Vegan Life Speaks to Monami Frost

Monami Frost, founder of Frost Streetwear, is taking the world by storm with her unique outlook on modern life


‘Look before you leap’ is a well-known proverb that cautions us against making rash decisions, especially when we don’t know the consequences of our actions. Most of us can think back to a time when we threw caution to the wind and made a life-altering decision for better or for worse. However, I would guess that very few have made a leap quite as enormous as Monami Frost. The reason Monami succeeded may be down to her unfailingly positive outlook on life.


“Positive thoughts won’t bring a negative outcome, just like negative thoughts won’t bring a positive outcome.” She says and this mantra seems to have worked out superbly for her. Monami was born and spent her childhood and adolescence years in Latvia — it was a challenging time for her and she struggled with family life. When she fell pregnant and gave birth to her daughter Gabby, she decided that she would move to Liverpool, England.


“When I decided I wanted to move to England, I was looking for a flight and there were only two destinations — London and Liverpool. I figured that London would be too crazy. So I went for Liverpool.


“I previously had never been abroad, but I jumped on the plane and suddenly I was living in another country. At the time I was only 16 and my daughter was only seven months old. When we moved over we had no friends around and nobody that could help figure out all the basics you need to live in England. But somehow I managed. I always looked at the bright side and just kept moving forward.”


Fast forward to 2018 and Monami Frost is a committed vegan, a shrewd businesswoman and a dedicated mum with nearly 600,000 followers on YouTube, 1.4 million followers on Instagram and her own clothing line called Frost Streetwear. She is also covered from head to toe in beautiful tattoos, including her trademark white snowflake tattoo, which rests delicately on her forehead. Almost all of her body art pieces have been created by Monami’s husband, tattoo artist Anrijs Straume.


“My husband is my favourite artist. I am so lucky to have him tattoo me. I feel like his canvas; his painting in progress.


“One of my favourite tattoos would be my snowflake on my forehead. It’s in white ink so it feels very unique. It feels like it makes me, me. The tattoo on my back we worked on for months and months. It has a magical girl with a moon and a heart. It also has a lettering which says ‘Utopian Spirit’. The meaning behind it is that it’s characterising me. I am a very optimistic person and I feel like everything is perfect always and you can make it perfect. That’s my spirit. Being in a state of mind where everything is wonderful, even unrealistically perfect.”


Tattoos are becoming more and more common and acceptable in the UK, with an estimated one in five people in the UK having a tattoo, although it is still unusual for someone to have so many. Face tattoos are more unusual still, maybe even considered as a social taboo to some. Love them or hate them, people are fascinated with Monami’s tattoos and she gets asked about them regularly.


“In this day and age people with tattoos are breaking stereotypes. That’s why it fascinates people. Seeing that actually someone with face tattoos can be the nicest person you have ever met. Seeing the beauty and meaning behind those tattoos.”


It isn’t just her stunning tattoo art which makes her stand out from the crowd, she has a very distinct style, one which would be hard to pin down to a specific label.


“Everybody is unique in their own way. I can’t explain how I am, I can just guess. I think the mix of the fact that I maybe look badass, but actually I’m a little sweet girl inside — is one thing.
“Most of the people always think tattooed people are more punk and metal. But that’s not me.


“I love wearing oversized men’s clothing, keeping the colour scheme monotone or muted colours and mixing some glam with the streetwear. I’m not even sure if that is unique or just a whole mush of things,” she laughs.


Her love of clothes and streetwear in particular was the reason that Frost Streetwear evolved. She told me: “I wanted to show that you can take on the world just wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants.” And she really has taken on the world, getting involved with all aspects of Frost Streetwear from the design, packaging and shooting of the products to the social media. Her following is growing every day and she now has a powerful platform to advocate for veganism.


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