Tastie Treats – A Vegan Company Born In Lockdown

Tastie Treats – A Vegan Company Born In Lockdown

Lockdown has brought about vegan innovation, spurring on the launch of exciting brands like Tastie Treats

By Catherine Entwistle


It’s been sad to hear about the many vegan businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic, but amongst the doom and gloom, there are glimmers of hope in stories of people finding inspiration for new business ideas in lockdown.


Aimee Hastie is one of these entrepreneurs and I chatted to her about her new plant-based business venture, Tastie Treats.


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Tastie Treats is a raw vegan dessert company that gives its consumers as much in aesthetic beauty as it does in deliciousness.


Founder, Aimee said: “Eye rolling, life-enhancing moments of bliss is all I want for each individual that consumes the desserts.”


Currently on offer are millionaire stacks, banoffee cheesecakes and caramel chocolate bars to name just a few.


It’s no secret that we all love a sweet treat, but Aimee, who is only 21 and has followed a plant-based diet since 2017, noticed a gap in the market when she realised there were limited options for people seeking out a healthy indulgence.


And so, vegan company Tastie Treats was born out of her mum’s kitchen during lockdown.


Journey To Veganism



Aimee was living in Melbourne, Australia and running workshops about how we can connect with the food we put into our bodies before the pandemic, but moved back to the UK just before lockdown.


She is passionate about teaching others how the ingredients we use can serve us better and this is a huge focus of vegan lockdown company, Tastie Treats.


“Everything is refined sugar free and I soak the nuts to promote better digestion,” she told me.


Aimee started to look at what she was putting into her body after suffering from some acute illnesses and not getting the answers she needed from her doctors.


She told me she was suffering with acne and also felt that her body just wasn’t functioning right.


Although improved health was a huge deciding factor for her switch to a plant-based diet, she also became increasingly aware of the harmful environmental impact of animal products too through self education.


Aimee researched the way ancient civilisations would grow their own food on their land and also watched documentaries such as What the Health and Earthlings.


“It was really interesting learning the connection we have with what we’re eating and consuming everyday. Not even just food but the environment,” she said.


Aimee’s diet beforehand consisted of “the standard eat-well plate” with animal products in nearly everything she ate. She never checked labels and only ate small amounts of leafy greens.


Now, her attitude towards food is completely different. She told me that if there’s an ingredient that she doesn’t recognise, such as a preservative, her body isn’t going to recognise it either.


Since switching to plant-based wholefoods and dropping anything processed, she noticed her acne cleared up and she generally started feeling more vibrant and energetic.


Her local eco-refill shop was an amazing source of information and inspiration when it came to learning more about the healing powers of different fruits and vegetables, as well as grains.


The owner taught her about the spraying process that foods go through and how this can be really damaging to our health in the long run.


The shop focusses largely on organic produce grown in the UK and like many other refill shops that are popping up around the country, has a huge community focus and drive too.


People are realising that making switches and adopting a more conscious way of living and eating is much easier than they first thought.


Supporting these small businesses, especially during these difficult times, is so important and is a great way of broadening your understanding of the part food plays in our health and well-being.


Tastie Origins



In September 2019 Aimee moved to Bali and her passion for the plant-based lifestyle grew even more. It was here that she had the opportunity to study Raw Veganism with Ben Richards, who is the founder of Seeds of Life Bali.


She told me Ben blew her mind open to the fact that we are the only species that alter the state of our food.


We are also an extension of nature, so ‘When we align ourselves and our nature with vibrant food, we find that we become, vibrant, lively, energised and radiant’ and are able to live the most optimal lives.


Aimee then moved to Australia with a friend she met while in Bali and fell in love with Melbourne. They had just received sponsorship for their new catering company @RawVenture when Covid-19 hit and Aimee returned to the UK, but she hopes to return to Melbourne when the time is right.


For now, the focus is on Tastie Treats and along with yummy desserts, Aimee has also built a strong online (and in person when Covid-19 allows) community of people who are interested in improving their wellbeing and living a more conscious life.


“It’s just very community based and I’m really all about connecting because that’s the most important thing about the world that we’re living in right now,” Aimee said.


Lockdown and Veganism



In many ways, lockdown has been the perfect opportunity to make lifestyle changes, as it gave us the opportunity to take step back and reevaluate what we want.


With an ever-increasing awareness of the current environmental catastrophe, lots of us used the time to try out different ways of eating and make switches to plant-based products in a bid to decrease our carbon footprints and save the environment.


According to a survey conducted by The Vegan Society, 1 in 5 Brits have cut down on meat consumption since the start of the pandemic and 15 per cent have reduced their intake of dairy and eggs, which is fantastic.


Whether you’re a full-blown vegan or you’ve just started making changes such as switching to plant-based milks and reducing meat consumption, it’s all a step in the right direction.


Tastie Treats may only be a few months old, but Aimee has big dreams for her business. The goal is for it to become the biggest dessert company in the UK, and she eventually wants to branch it into Australia, too!


The demand for vegan food is on the rise and is likely to continue growing so it’s a fantastic time to be serving this ever-growing market with delicious desserts. Aimee is an inspiration to us all and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the business.


Check out Tastie Treats on Instagram and Facebook to see what else Aimee’s up to and don’t forget to grab yourself some gooey vegan goodness over at  eat-tastie.co.uk


By Catherine Entwistle




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