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Kula Bags

Style and sustainability come together with this bag from Kula. Registered with both The Vegan Society and PETA, it's crafted from reinforced washable paper (yes, paper!), that's shower-proof and super durable. The environmentally-friendly material is sustainably-sourced and looks gorgeous, especially in this black colouring.



An immune-boosting, mood-enhancing and feel-good chocolate liqueur that's also alcohol-free… It doesn't sound possible right? Wrong! Introducing: Cannabliss, which combines herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements to replicate the positive effects of alcohol without the hangover. With added CBD, it's great for supporting mental and emotional health during these testing times.


Lindt's vegan flavours finally on-sale in UK

After months of rumours and hype, the first-ever vegan chocolate variants from popular German chocolatier, Lindt, are now on sale. Online vegan treat retailer, The Conscious Candy Co., became the first UK retailer of Lindt's new vegan bars, which sold out almost immediately when they became available online. The Conscious Candy Co. currently sell two different flavours of the new Lindt bars, including Cookie Crunch, and Hazelnut. 


OGGS® Cakes stood shoulder to shoulder with food industry giants in 2020s Grocer New Product Awards

Vegan treat brand, OGGS®, might not have won in the Grocer New Product Awards at the end of 2020, but they were delighted to be found 'highly commended' by the judges. Where the major players dominated, OGGS® was the only challenger brand to make it as a finalist in the Cakes and Biscuits section, going head to head with big and non-vegan players like Cadbury, Mars, Kinder and Mr Kipling.

Hannah Carter, founder of OGGS® says: \"You know that times are changing when the little guys that champion ethical and sustainable products can stand shoulder to shoulder with the market leaders. At a time when planetary impact is at the forefront of consumers and business minds, the positive, environmentally impactful products need to be winning these awards to drive the change needed. We hope that we will give confidence to these great brands, that you can positively impact the planet and be profitable. In the meantime, this is a fantastic day for our chocolate fudge cupcakes and epic cakes without compromise.\"



First-of-their-kind Power Shakes from BOL Foods

Much-loved vegan brand BOL Foods have launched four nutritious new Power Shakes, packed full of fruit and vegetables. They are 100 per cent plant-powered and contain 26 of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs for a nutritionally complete, deliciously healthy meal.

Combining whole foods like sunflower seeds, nuts, beans and gluten-free oats with fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other delicious ingredients like creamy coconut yoghurt, almond milk and an array of herbs and spices, each Power Shake is under 400 calories, contains up to 20g protein and is low in sugar and salt.

Founder and CEO of BOL foods, Paul Brown comments: \"We have reinvented mealtimes with our new 100 per cent real food, ready-to-drink Power Shakes. These are a first of their kind and the perfect meal solution for busy people who don't want to compromise on taste or nutrition.

As a nation, we often forgo nutrition for the 'convenient choice' or skip meals altogether - our Power Shakes provide the answer for both, with a tasty and nutritious brekkie or lunch, bottled\".


Plates London

Plates is a stylish and luxe vegan restaurant based in London, led by creative plant-based chef, Kirk Haworth. You'll find dishes like Layered Root Vegetable Wellington, Cauliflower Risotto with Cacao, and Confit Crispy Leek with wild mushrooms, pickled apple and kohlrabi. The restaurant space is relaxed but has a touch of luxury about it, making it a special place to enjoy a fancy meal out.

However, Plates is not like most restaurants, because as well as the restaurant space, the inventive company, founded by Kirk and his sister, Keeley, also offer innovative plant-based services, run by a food studio team of thinkers and food designers who are dedicated to exploring all kinds of creativity - with nature, food and drink at its heart.

From concepts in food design and development, to photography, styling and events - Plates' team conspire and collaborate to put nature at the forefront of all their creative execution. Their services include things like online cooking classes, workshops, unique events, marketing, recipe development and food photography and styling.


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