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The Weekly vegan podcast that's all about vegan food and how to have fun eating it!

vegan podcast

If you're vegan curious and wondering how to make your diet more plant-based, we can help. And if you're a veteran vegan who knows their way around a tub of nutritional yeast flakes, we've got some pro-tips and fresh ideas for ways to play with your food. We've assembled some the greatest vegan chefs, cooks and bakers to answer all your culinary questions. From noob to nooch, the Vegan Life podcast's got your vegan cooking covered.

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Vegan Podcast Episode #2 - Released Midnight 12am Friday 5th March 2021

Aspics of Love

More fabulous plant-based cooking ideas, this time from Veganezer, Laura Gaga and Loui Blake. We look at funky juices, (not) fish and chips, and find out when kale starts to resemble Sigourney Weaver.

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Get the utterly fabulous Vegan ‘Fish’ Recipe by Veganezer
You Just have to try Laura Gaga's Wasabi Vegan fish Cakes

Vegan Podcast Episode #1

Go suck on a Kale Leaf
Welcome to the podcast all about plant-based food! We thought we'd start the way the best things do - with cake. Baking whizzes Gretchen Price, Kate Emmett and Katie White share their top tips and trade secrets to successful plant-based baking. And we learn why you should go suck on a kale leaf. No, really! Hosted by Jake Yapp.

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Kate Emmett's recipe for: Vegan Jaffa Cakes
Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Tart from Gretchen Price
Delicious Vegan Turkish Delight Cake by Katie White