beginner's guide to veganism

Beginner’s Guide to Veganism

A brand-new year and maybe a brand-new start and if you are new to veganism or still on your transitioning journey from dairy to soya, then welcome as we have some ideas for you, so sit tight, you can totally do this!

We have the best people possible to help you on your vegan journey, Rob Trounch from Purezza and Sean O’Callaghan the man behind Fat Gay Vegan.

This episode is packed with some great tips and tricks to help our listeners and you with any worries or advice that you need.

We start by helping a listener transition from vegetarian to vegan and how she can stop with her “cheat days”. We also help a new vegan who ate fish on holiday as there was just pasta and chips up for grab. Rob and Sean give some great advice on how to find vegan food in a not very vegan location.

Our guests also help a woman who wants to stick up for what she feels so passionately about. As well as giving some great transitioning meals to help with some determined children who don’t want to eat their mother’s vegan meals. Rob gives a friendlier approach whereas Sean leaned into “if you don’t like it, lump it” attitude.

Finishing with the art of cooking tofu and some great herbs, spices and sauces to accompany it – beware this part of the podcast will make your tummy rumble!

So, if you have been vegan for 10+ years or a newly vegan either way you will leave this episode feeling inspired and passionate about the choices you have taken into living a vegan life.

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