vegan christmas

Vegan Christmas Special

Strap yourselves in as we are spoiling you this Christmas with wall to wall festive recipes for you to try this year, not to mention the incredible guests we are treating you to. So get cosy with a mulled wine, pop your headphones in and listen now!

When you think the Yorkshire pudding can never be veganised, Anjula is here to tell you otherwise. She gives an amazing secret to achieve the perfect well-risen Yorkshire pud’ that would fool any of your guests into thinking it’s the old fashioned recipe.

Zacchary tells us how to make a faux turkey from scratch with a delicious crispy crust, plus Brussels sprouts wrapped in maple syrup ‘bacon’. Plus he says why not try it the Aussie way and have a BBQ Christmas outside with a cold beer and fresh strawberry and raspberry pavlova!

Alexis gives us a low down on the perfect roast potato recipe and the thing that most French chefs are famous for: a deep rich gravy to coat your Christmas dinner with.

If you want to cook like a Michelin chef on Christmas Day or wow with a homemade faux turkey crown, don’t miss this episode – your friends or family will be thanking you later!

Our guests this week are Michelin chef Alexis GauthierAnjula Devi and Zacchary Bird.