Vegan pre-school set to open

A new pre-school is being opened in the US, with the aim of teaching children from a young age the values of kindness to others, in addition to providing vegan-friendly lunches for students.

The Cincinnati school was born out of the need for a school which incorporated a holistic educational experience which is able to connect children to the natural world with a key focus on empathy, compassion and peace.

Heärt Montessori was started by five vegan parents who saw a need to fill the gap of the kind of school they wanted their children to attend. In a statement, the school said: “As more people are becoming sensitive and aware of their own health and well-being, as well as the health of others and the planet we are seeing a growing number of vegan restaurants, products and services.

“What remains is a huge gap in our education system. Vegan-centric practices of empathy and compassion are not being taught as part of core academics. Heärt Montessori is being created to fill that gap. The founders believe this school to be a model for the future, making a meaningful difference, both locally and globally.”

According to Heärt Montessori co-founder, Brett Hornberger: “This school is important because it teaches children empathy and compassion amongst one another and to all beings. By emphasising time spent in nature, children develop a deep passion for the natural world. Not only will students leave academically strong, they will also be nourished with a love for all beings and planet.”

The school is set to open next year.


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