Vegan Protein Found in Nuts and Seeds Are Proven to be Healthier Than Meat

Protein found in nuts and seeds have been proven to be healthier than meat protein, as concluded in a study from researchers in California and France. The study found that those who ate large amounts of meat protein had a 60 per cent increase in cardiovascular disease, while those who ate large quantities of protein from nuts and seeds had a 40 per cent reduction in cardiovascular disease.

The study was published by the International Journal of Epidemiology and it was conducted with 81,000 participants. Gary Fraser, MB ChB, PhD, from Loma Linda University, who was one of the main researchers on the study said: “While dietary fats are part of the story in affecting risk of cardiovascular disease, proteins may also have important and largely overlooked independent effects on risk.”

On the published study it said: “He added that he and his colleagues have long suspected that including nuts and seeds in the diet protects against heart and vascular disease, while red meats increase risk.”

The team’s research has differed to other investigations in that they specifically studied the protein in meat and nuts and seeds, as well as other sources, whereas previous studies have only compared the differences between meat and plant based protein.

Fraser added: “This research is suggesting there is more heterogeneity than just the binary categorisation of plant protein or animal protein.” Fraser said that this study leaves other questions open for more investigation and such as looking further into the particular amino acids in meat proteins that contribute to cardiovascular disease.



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