Vegan sushi company launches in the UK with plant-based salmon

A new vegan sushi company has launched in the UK, with Planet Organic being the brand’s first stockist, and a plant-based alternative to salmon included in their vegan offerings.

Ima was founded by a father-daughter team, inspired by over-fishing and the levels of plastic waste in the oceans. Each sushi roll is created in their kitchen by hand, by co-founder Jessica, who started making sushi when she was just six years old.

Ima creates five different types of sushi, which are all vegan-friendly. This includes: The Happy One which is made using hoisin ‘duck’ and fresh cucumber rolled in blossom pink rice, The Original One comprised of sweet chilli tofu and blossom rice, The Atypical One made with black rice and avocado and The Inspiring One, which is made using satay aubergine and coconut rice.

The Surprising One is another of their products, which features their alternative to salmon. Ima’s salmon alternative is made using nigiri marinated carrot and maki rolls, with a touch of vegan mayonnaise.

The company website says: “Ima is here to rebel against the usual sushi company. When you choose Ima, you know you are helping the planet because we are 100 per cent vegan, so all the amazing fish are still in the ocean.”

Branding themselves as believers, activists and world-changers, Ima brings focus to sustainability and encourages people to make a choice to choose plant-based sushi.

Four other flavours are also available, including a katsu tempeh, wasabi mushroom, ‘tuna’ and sweetcorn, and a buffalo cauliflower.

To extend their efforts to reduce waste that ends up in the ocean, Ima also provide their products in sugarcane packaging, which is biodegradable.