Vegan Tacos – No Whey!

A new fully vegan taco restaurant has opened in Plymouth, Devon and the public can not get enough of it.

The restaurant is aptly named No Whey Tacos and is owned by two vegans, Fiona Graham and Joseph Pilkington, who have been vegan for two years.

The Mexican inspired tacos will consist of fillings such as barbeque pulled jackfruit, bean, and portobello mushroom as well as a range of accompaniments that you can use to customise your tacos with.

The idea behind No Whey Tacos is to bring plant based food to the masses and encourage more non vegans to try vegan food and realise how delicious it can be. We do not after all, munch on just carrots and grass – as it is all too often suggested by those who are oblivious to the culinary options vegans actually have now.

The pair will donate any left-over food to local charities, and try to buy local produce as much as possible in order to strengthen independent local businesses such as theirs. In addition to this, they will use as little plastic as possible so not only is their business charitable, it is also ethical and eco-friendly.

The vegan movement is growing at an astonishing rate so to encourage independent eateries is important and will only serve as a way to strengthen the movement. Check out your nearest town or city and see what vegan options the restaurants there have to offer!


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