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Tempeh Meades

Small batch tempeh producer, Tempeh Meades, has spent the last two years building a specialised tempeh kitchen in Bristol and honing their traditional tempeh recipe. Tempeh Meades' tempeh was first sold in restaurants and shops around Bristol, Bath and Weston Super Mare with weekly tempeh deliveries being fulfilled in Bristol. However, they now deliver tempeh to the rest of the UK. Fresh, chilled tempeh can be ordered via the website with deliveries arriving on Thursdays and Fridays.

Using carefully sourced organic tempeh ingredients, and using local produce wherever possible, Tempeh Meades are one of the few tempeh producers that make and sell their product here in the UK. Each small batch, handmade by founder, Ben Meade, is twice fermented and unpasteurised to ensure the presence of gut-friendly bacteria that naturally occurs in fermented food.

Ben says: \"I started making tempeh whilst we were living on the Kenyan coast, using just banana leaves and the East African heat for production. The resulting tempeh was fine, but not great, so my wife, Kirstie, and I decided to finish our travels in Indonesia (where tempeh originates), where I was able to train in commercial tempeh production in West Java.

On returning to the UK and settling in Bristol, the name Tempeh Meades was born, and after a lot of searching, we managed to find a food production unit near the city centre. A year on, I still make each batch by hand, using the traditional two stage fermentation process learned from the experts.\"


For more information and tempeh recipes, visit tempehmeades.com



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