A company called leCupboard which creates nutritious vegan meals is looking to place ‘refrigerated mobile Cupboards’ (vending machines) across the US to encourage people to eat more plant based meals for improved health.

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Offerings include le Koh Samui —a blend of mango, cashew and a peanut-chilli lime dressing — and le Paris — a raspberry and spinach salad topped with cashew cheese. These prepared meals will cost around $8. They also offer breakfast jars including a chocolate mousse which looks divine.

leCupboard already have a successful café in the Castro neighbourhood in San Francisco and hope to use these meals as a model for their new venture.

They hold health and sustainability at the heart of what they do and their mission is ‘to turn the food system the rightside up’ so that all along the supply chain benefit, from soil to plate.

Lamiaâ Bounahmidi, the founder and CEO of leCupboard said: “The goal is to reconnect preventative healthcare with food.”

The smart machines will allow users to interact with the machine to choose the best meal for them. So, for example, if you need to avoid a certain allergen, the machine will make suggestions for you.Vegan Vending Machines In San Francisco 2

The company has got more than $2 million in seed money to expand their business. There are currently 10 vending machines around San Francisco, but the company hope to have 200 machines across the US, including New York City, in the next year.

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