Vegans Take Over Neighbourhood in Toronto Called ‘Vegandale’

A neighbourhood in Toronto are debuting Vegandale. It will be a haven for vegans to enjoy food, shopping and be surrounded by like-minded people, who are interested and passionate about the vegan message.

Three of the brands that are already secured for Vegandale are Doomie’s Toronto, The Imperative and Mythology. By the end of 2018 there will be a total of seven storefronts, with Vegandale Bracitorium, NYM and Prohibition all being added to the list of eateries and retailers.

Vegandale is also a festival that continues to grow and travel around North America, which has now taken it to the next level with the Vegandale neighbourhood. On the website for Vegandale, it states: “ is our landing place for those motivated by justice, freedom for all, and vegan milkshakes.

“Our online hub will host all the exciting details about current and future Vegandale projects both on the block and across North America. Look for insider info on our festivals, special menus at our restaurants, and profiles on exciting brands available at our retail concept store.”

Vegandale Festival has locations in Chicago, Toronto, New York City and a new location, yet to be released for 2018. The website says: “At these events, the ease and enjoyment of veganism is celebrated through food, drinks, music and art with hundreds of vendors and 75,000+ guests in attendance. With expansion reaching a new North American city each year, our land without milk and honey will be worldwide soon!”


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