Virgin Trains Serving Cooked Vegan Breakfasts

Virgin Trains in the UK are offering their first cooked vegan breakfast to commuters, accommodating to the surge in the population now taking on vegan lifestyles and plant based diets. The company posted it on their Facebook page saying: “We’ve officially launched our first ever VEGAN breakfast onboard filled with mushrooms, hash browns, spinach and baked beans!”

The breakfast is available on the west coast services and costs £3.90. The vegan hot breakfast is meant to be an alternative option to a traditional cooked breakfast that contains meat and animal products, making cooked breakfasts accessible to almost everyone; however the breakfast is not gluten-free. They also offer a coffee made with soya milk priced at £2.10, giving travellers the opportunity to have a vegan hot breakfast during their journey.

Will you be trying the Virgin vegan breakfast?


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