In the lead up to Christmas, vegan charity, Viva! (, is visiting several cities around the UK, prompting consumers to ditch turkey meat this year, and raise awareness of the cruelty involved in preparing their Christmas dinner.

The outreach events are scheduled to take place in Leicester, Southampton and Swansea, with free vegan turkey-style samples handed out to the public, courtesy of VBites.

Two million turkeys die throughout December – most will never set foot outside, living in cramped conditions, prohibiting natural behaviour. Turkeys often have the end of their beaks cut off to prevent stress-induced behaviour, such as cannibalism and feather pecking.

Whilst educating non-vegans about the extent of the cruelty surrounding their Christmas dinner, the public are also encouraged to learn more about the intelligence of turkeys and participate in activities.

Speaking about the street events, Juliet Gellatley, Viva! founder and director, said: “Turkeys are incredibly complex, social creatures, who can live for up to 10 years of age in the wild.

“The farming and laughter of turkeys goes against everything that Christmas should represent. It is a season of peace and goodwill, and so we believe there is no better way to celebrate than to extend your compassion to all animals. We are calling on consumers to go vegan and bring pace to all this Christmas.”

As part of the campaign, the vegan charity is highlighting the 5 reasons why people should love turkeys. “Our ‘5 reasons’ campaign aims to expose the secret lives of turkeys. There is an endearing and unique side to turkeys that the meat industry is desperate to keep hidden from the public.

“So whether you love turkeys because of their snoods or their complex vocalisation, now is the time to go vegan. We have all the resources you could possibly need, including our DeliciouslyVegan Christmas Guide, making it even easier to celebrate a compassionate Christmas,” said Juliet Gellately.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

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