Provocative Viva! billboards will make you stop and think

What’s your favourite animal to eat?

The new campaign from Viva! is making people think about their diet choices

viva! billboard


A new advertising campaign from top UK vegan charity, Viva!, uses billboards to ask people living in the East Midlands to consider their food choices and to go vegan.


Up until April 5th, these eye-catching billboards will promote veganism whilst attracting attention from the public by asking them to make the connection between animals and food and to re-consider their dietary choices.


The Viva! campaign posters will be displayed on large billboards, bus shelters and other city sites mainly in Nottingham and Leicester, but they will also appear in Grantham, Northampton, Hinckley, Heanor, Beeston and Derby.


Uncomfortable Topic


Viva!’s director, Juliet Gellatley, wanted to find out the best way to approach the uncomfortable topic of eating animals, which many people chose to avoid, so leading up to the campaign she conducted copious research.


Suprisingly, Gellatley discovered that stronger, more direct messaging about animal consumption that challenges their ethics impacted meat eaters the most and was harder to ignore.


As a result of the research, Viva! are have decided to use two different designs to convey their vegan message ‘What’s Your Favourite Animal to Eat’ and ‘When did you last kill an animal?’.


Viva! billboard


‘People Are Still Unaware’


Gellatley explains why this campaign is so important and why the direct messaging is vital: “Veganism has exploded and today it is more popular than ever. However, despite this surge in popularity many people are still unaware that the neatly packaged animal products on supermarket shelves come from factory farms where animals are kept in shocking conditions.”


“We’re constantly told that the UK has the highest animal welfare standards in the world, but this just isn’t true. In 2018, over one billion animals were slaughtered for the food industry in the UK, most of which were factory farmed.


“Factory farmed animals are kept in cramped and squalid conditions, pumped full of antibiotics to minimise diseases created by such unnatural conditions. Viva! are using these billboards to capture the public’s attention and raise the intriguing question of why we love certain animals yet eat others.


“Britain is a nation of animal lovers and over 50 per cent of the population has a companion animal. We’re hopeful that this campaign will resonate with these people and encourage them to choose vegan.”


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