Waitrose Launch New Vegan Pasty

The supermarket chain with an ‘upmarket’ reputation, is now selling a vegan Cornish-style pasty.

Following the attention the new Morrisons ‘Cor-nish’ pasty received, we are reminded that Waitrose are also offering their own selection of delicious season-appropriate, plant-based products, including their own pasty. 

The pasty itself is made in Cornwall and filled with soya protein and seasoned root vegetables that include onion, swede and potato, all encased in a light puff pastry case, giving it an authentic Cornish flavour.

Their summer food range Scrumptious Summer was announced back in April of this year and includes a vegan Lincolnshire-style sausage roll, Creamy Onion and Chive Rolls, a selection of sausages, and two jelly flavours for dessert, making summer dining this year a walk in the park!

To view the Waitrose Scrumptious Summer selection, visit their website. 


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