Waitrose Reveal Christmas Dining Selection – with lots of vegan options

What tasty festive treats will Waitrose be offering this year?


Root en Croute (£5.99/350g)

It may not be for a few months yet, but Waitrose have just unveiled details of their Christmas dining selection – with a myriad of vegan options.


It is known as the season of over-indulgence – sadly though, in previous years, Christmas has been a struggle for most vegans and vegetarians. Many opt to cook something creative at home, instead of shopping for their meal.


However, with veganism on the rise, most supermarket and restaurant chains offer numerous vegan-friendly dishes and now, Waitrose has proved that a plant-based meal can be just as indulgent as any other Christmas dinner.


Vegan Festive Wreath (£5.99/410g)

Their highly-anticipated Christmas range spans from their selection of tasty canapés, such as Moroccan mushroom and chickpea pittas, to a main meal of Root en Croute made with marinated roasted carrots and a creamy spinach sauce, wrapped in a puff pastry.


Starters are to include a choice of two tasty pâtés, and there will be a great assortment of side dishes to accompany your meal, as well as typical Christmas dinner trimmings, like roast potatoes, gravy, bread sauce, seitan-based pigs in blankets and a festive sausage wreath made with apple and cranberry and mushroom and leek sausages.



You can rest assured this year that Christmas, thanks to Waitrose, is firmly covered.








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