WATCH: Earthling Ed’s Launches 30 Day Project

Renowned vegan activist Earthling Ed, who is a presenter at the upcoming Vegan Life Live London event, is releasing a new project for January, advocating veganism and challenging the common excuses given by people who aren’t prepared to take on a vegan lifestyle and diet.

The project titled 30 Days, 30 Excuses will be accompanied by a 122 page free e-book making the information accessible for everyone and can be downloaded from his website. The daily videos will appear on is YouTube channel – his main platform for his activism.

In his video announcing the project says: “When I started my YouTube channel in early 2016 I made a series entitled 30 Days, 30 Excuses an the main point was that every day for a month I released a video that debunked the main arguments that people use to justify not going vegan.”

Speaking about the e-book he said: “[It] basically is the video series but in written format so it’s going to contain all the information we’re going to talk about in the videos but there in a book and the purpose of that is to help people with knowledge and confidence, and give them the tools they need to be strong advocates and activists for the animals when they’re out there talking to their friends.”

You can watch the first video of the series below.


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