Greenpeace have launched a new initiative encouraging people to protect the environment and make people more aware of the effect that eating meat has on the planet. The new campaign called Team Plant features children that are on a mission to fix the global meat crisis, prompting consumers to think about the consequences of their current actions on future generations.

Directors Andrew and Ben Carver from the production company Raindown, which produced the campaign, said: “We came up with the concept for this film as a way to introduce a sense of playful lightness to a complex and serious issue. Working with the cast was a fun process and we hope their infectious energy will spill out to the audience and inspire people to get involved in the campaign.”

According to Greenpeace, if the production and consumption of dairy and meat doesn’t change by 2050, these industries will be contributing 70 per cent of the total 52 per cent of emissions produced by the agriculture. Greenpeace’s goal is to reduce the consumption of meat and dairy by 50 per cent.

Critics of the campaign say that they need to stop promoting a reduction of meat and dairy, and instead directly promote veganism. However, promoting change that has a positive outcome for the environment can make a big difference when small changes are made by the masses, and can then prompt people to explore more positive changes to their lives, including veganism.

Bunny McDiarmid, the executive director of Greenpeace International said: “Something is rotten in our food system. Governments continue to support massive meat and dairy operations, leading to more and more meat consumption… Instead, they should be supporting the increasing numbers of farmers shifting towards ecological production of healthy foods, and helping people access healthy plant based foods. Together, we can loosen the grip of industrial animal agriculture on our food system and build a healthier world for our generation and the next.”

You can watch the new campaign below:


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