Fight period taboos with WaterAid's Fempowered subscription

WaterAid’s Fempowered subscription is helping to end worldwide period taboos 

Sign up to WaterAid’s Fempowered subscription box and help end the stigma around periods globally


WaterAid's Fempowered subscription

(Credit: WaterAid/ Georgie Lord)


Animal-lovers, rejoice! Fempowered, WaterAid’s monthly sustainable subscription service is offering eco-friendly, plastic-free and organic period products that give back to people and the planet.


With a WaterAid survey finding that 75 per cent of women in the UK have concerns about the materials used in sanitary products and their effect on the body, and 57 per cent worrying about the impact on the environment, WaterAid’s Fempowered subscription service offers period products with a difference.


Women in the UK can get Kind Organic tampons and sanitary pads delivered to their door, while supporting WaterAid’s global work to end the silence, taboos and discrimination around periods.


WaterAid’s work will ensure that women and girls everywhere have access to the knowledge, support, facilities and sanitary materials they need to manage their periods safely and with dignity.


Vegan-friendly period products

You may not know, but some sanitary products include ingredients that may be tested on animals, to check for things like toxicity, skin sensitisation and irritation.


But happily, consumers can have a cruelty-free and vegan period by choosing WaterAid’s Fempowered subscription. All of  Fempowered products are vegan, with no testing on animals.


As well as being vegan, WaterAid’s Fempowered period products are also made with 100 per cent organic cotton and biodegradable packaging, as part of the brand’s commitment to the planet, while helping women and girls around the world.


Real-life stories

WaterAid’s work will help girls like Winfred and Irene from the Kyenjojo Model Primary School in Western Uganda.


Up until a few years ago, there were very poor toilet facilities in the school, a lack of clean water and education about good hygiene practices and how to manage periods safely.


WaterAid's Fempowered subsciption

Irene (left) and Winfred (Credit: WaterAid/ James Kiyimba)


Irene remembers: “I got my first period while in class five. I was scared because I did not know what to do. I requested permission to go back home, even the following day I did not come back to school.”


WaterAid supported the school to build new toilet facilities and to create a school Health Club where girls learnt how to take control of their personal hygiene, manage their periods and make their own reusable sanitary pads.


Winfred says: “I’m no longer scared of menstruation, because I know they are a normal thing every girl goes through.”


“In case I need any assistance while at school, I go to our senior woman teacher. She always keeps emergency sanitary pads on her.”


‘Everyone deserves a healthy period’

Hilary Sparkhall, strategic projects officer at Wateraid says: “As a vegan, I was stunned to learn that some brands may test their period products on animals.”


“I’m really proud to work on a cruelty-free and eco-friendly alternative to what’s been available on the market previously.”


“Fempowered is brought to customers by WaterAid, so that we tackle period taboos together and change the fact that one in four people don’t have access to a decent toilet whilst on their period and one in ten don’t have access to clean water to wash with.”


“Everyone deserves to have a healthy and dignified period.”


Fight poverty

You can subscribe to Fempowered to support WaterAid’s work with women and girls around the world to manage their periods safely and with dignity, at


When signing up to WaterAid’s Fempowered subscription, people can choose from a selection of Kind Organic tampons, period pads, and liners.


All profits from Fempowered go towards WaterAid’s work in helping vulnerable people prepare for and manage their periods through the provision of toilets, clean water, and menstrual hygiene education programmes.


Product info:

  • All Fempowered period products are made of 100 per cent organic cotton.
  • Fempowered applicator tampons come wrapped in paper, with biodegradable cardboard applicators.
  • WaterAid’s Fempowered pads and liners are also made of organic cotton whilst the adhesive and the wrapping are made of biodegradable corn-starch.


Who are WaterAid?

WaterAid is working to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere, within a generation.


The international not-for-profit organisation works in 28 countries to change the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people.


Since 1981, WaterAid has reached 27 million people with clean water and 27 million people with decent toilets.


Water poverty stats:

  • 785 million people in the world – one in ten – do not have clean water close to home.[1]
  • 2 billion people in the world – almost one in four – do not have a decent toilet of their own.[2]
  • Every £1 invested in water and toilets returns an average of £4 in increased productivity.[3]


For more information, visit, follow @WaterAidUK or @WaterAidPress on Twitter, or find WaterAid UK on Facebook at



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