Welfare Violations At Nando’s Chicken Farm

Animal Equality has uncovered Welfare code violations on Faccenda chicken farm which provides chicken for Nando’s, ASDA and Lidl. This comes less than two months after a sickening video from a Warwickshire pig farm was released by Viva!, an animal welfare organisation. The shocking video shows the conditions of approximately 15,000 pigs housed at Hogwood Pig Unit, Warwickshire.

Animal Equality is an international farmed animal advocacy organisation that is dedicated to defending all animals through public education, campaigns and investigations.

Animal Equality has released footage filmed between May and July which shows the atrocious conditions of a chicken farm which supplies Faccenda, the UK’s second largest chicken company. The farm houses more than 150,000 birds in four sheds.

Photographs and video show hundreds of chicken carcasses piled up, including at least one live chicken left in a wheelbarrow surrounded by dead chickens. The video also shows farm workers kicking chickens and transporting them inhumanely including violently catching the chickens.

There are also images of lame birds which are unable to work or deformed and are limp on the ammonia-soaked floor.

These scenes are very distressing.

Warning: graphic content

Dr. Toni Shephard, UK Executive Director of Animal Equality, said: “The birds were just a few days old when we first filmed, yet already hundreds of chicks were dying every day and the bins outside the giant sheds were full of tiny bodies, still with their yellow baby feathers.

“Just a couple of weeks later, the skips were fuller still and many of the birds were suffering from painful lameness. By our last visit, the sheds were so crowded it was difficult to walk through them. Some birds were on their backs slowly dying as they were unable to stand up, while others had large sores from constantly sitting in the ammonia-soaked litter as they were in too much pain to walk.

“These distressing scenes suggest we are not ‘leaders in animal welfare’ as claimed in the current row over US imports.”

Animal Equality has passed this evidence to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) for investigation.


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