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The vegan doctor and member of Plant Based Health Professionals and Plant Based Health Online, shares her food diary


I'm a morning-person and exercise before anyone else in my house is awake. I usually vary my workouts and have a rough idea of the different types of exercise I'll do in the week. This morning I did a 30-minute HIIT bike ride. I drank plenty of water before having a black decaf coffee, which was shortly followed by another - but this one with oat milk and a handful of walnuts.

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals and I had my usual - unsweetened soya yoghurt, homemade granola and berries. Aft er a morning of emails and calls, I had a bowl of lentil soup with rye bread and houmous, and rushed out the door to get the kids from school. Dinner was a throw-together stir fry - soba noodles, smoked tofu and plenty of veg!


After a cardio workout and taking the kids to school (second workout!), I came home and enjoyed a coffee. I had my usual breakfast and an hour later, a matcha tea with fortified soya milk - it helps to give me energy and focus. I had another morning of emails and calls and don't realise the time… So heated up broccoli soup before picking up my kids. Luckily for us, my mum is a retired home economics teacher and an amazing plant-based cook. We had a very welcome dinner delivery of homemade tempeh meatballs.


After a strength class, I switched up breakfast as I felt I needed something more filling - warm porridge, stewed apples and cinnamon with almond butter and hemp seeds. I made one of my favourite quick lunches - 'no tuna' sandwich with dill, lemon, celery and smashed chickpeas mixed with soya yoghurt.

I snacked on fresh fruit in the afternoon then enjoyed a veggie curry with brown rice. I love this meal because if I make it mild, my kids will eat it, too. After dinner, I watched one of the free webinars by Plant Based Health Professionals. I've enjoyed these all through lockdown - they've been amazing to keep up my learning as a doctor and connect socially with other members.


This morning, I completed an upper body boot camp class followed by a stretch. This gave me energy for work on a new project - 'Plant Based Health Online', a platform providing private healthcare and nutrition advice from vegan doctors and health professionals. After meetings and consultations with new patients, I snacked on some energy balls (made from mixture of dates, almond butter and cacao), and fresh fruit. I had minestrone soup for lunch with lots of beans and veg. Dinner was a lentil Dahl with left over brown rice from the night before. I try to eat legumes every day as they are such a good source of plant protein and fibre.

Dr Lynda Freeman


One of the highlights of my week is a remote exercise class with my sister. She has transitioned to a whole food plant-based diet, too. We will normally do a long endurance ride. Most of my other workouts are fasted, but for this I will eat a banana during the ride. Having burnt so many calories I eat more on these days.

I normally have a green smoothie, with half a banana, a mixture of kale and spinach, soya milk and ground flaxseed. I also had a beetroot houmous and falafel wrap with broccoli sprouts. I am terrible at growing anything, but these sprouts are easy and contain up to 100 times more sulforaphane than mature broccoli. This has been been shown to be cancer protective. After my history of thyroid cancer, I try to eat these most days. For dinner, we had black bean burgers with a baked sweet potato.


Our weekends are a lot slower, so I take time to do a longer yoga class and stretch, with a meditation in the morning. I had my yoghurt, berry and granola combo for breakfast and an oat milk coffee. We headed to the beach close by for a walk and took a snack of rye rolls with almond butter, apples and energy balls. I usually do not want to cook on a Saturday night, and we will treat ourselves with a takeout - always from Soul Food Kitchen. My favourite dish is 'lesco' - a Hungarian dish with tofu, red peppers and tomatoes. I will sometimes (usually always!) indulge in their vegan s'more for dessert.


My husband is Canadian and loves a pancake breakfast - we make them with buckwheat and flaxseed, then eat them with banana, walnuts and maple syrup - so delicious! In between the kids' weekend activities, I like spending a bit longer on our lunches. I marinaded some tofu with liquid smoke, tamari and lime juice and had this in a sandwich with houmous and broccoli sprouts. It was a cashew mac 'n' cheese for dinner with chickpea pasta, broccoli, kale and peas. Both of my kids enjoy this, and it's the best comfort food for the end of the week.

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