what i eat in a week

What I eat in a week...

Musician Jennifer Faust, AKA The Vegan Songstress, shares her food diary with 'What i eat in a week'


What i eat in a week - This morning, I got up and drank a glass of water, then had a breakfast of gluten-free toast with Naturli vegan butter and Violife cheese. Later in the morning, I had rooibos tea (I'm giving up on caffeine - it's going well so far!), two bananas and an organic apple. After a walk to the local park, I had some more fruit and a bowl of muesli. Then, I did a self-reiki body treatment, which takes one hour every day.Dinner was vegetable curry with brown rice, with a probiotic B12 supplement added.


I started off the day with a glass of water, then had a bowl of porridge with dates, berries and flax seeds with soya milk and water. After breakfast, it was time for angel meditation. I had another fruit lunch and did my reiki treatment, then got ready for my weekly drama class with No Drama Theatre in Dublin City centre. Dinner today was steamed vegetables (always a favourite with me).

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It was an apple and two bananas to start the day, followed by a bowl of overnight oats. I volunteered with The Vegan Information Project today, who collected vegan cheese from Art of Zen foods (who distribute Violife cheese across Ireland). I prepared for a stall to hand the cheese out, making posters, etc. I had lunch at the stall, which was a gluten-free roll with Violife cheese (what else!) and vegan mayo. Dinner was a vegan biryani from my local Indian take-away.

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I started my day with water, and Whole Earth baked beans in tomato sauce on toast. After catching the bus into Dublin town, I had lunch with my partner Roger, at a famous Dublin vegetarian (and now almost fully vegan) restaurant called Cornucopia. I enjoyed vegan shepherd's pie and a salad.


I began the day with a fresh kale, celery and apple smoothie before a morning walk. After a shower I got all creative! I suddenly found a new tune running around in my head. An hour or so later, a new vegan song was born! Yay! I rewarded my creativity with a lunch of rice and broccoli.

I added some curry powder and vegetable stock powder while the rice was boiling. This is a very simple but delicious and healthy meal. Later I had a radio interview with the one and only Karin Ridgers on Phoenix FM in Essex.

We talked about my song, All of The Animals, and my patronship of the vegan-run Back Into Daylight animal sanctuary. Dinner was mashed potato and a homemade vegan burger.

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I ate a bowl of porridge to start the day - with added fruit and seeds. Afterwards, Roger and I went for a hike in the Dublin Mountains. Lunch consisted of gluten-free sandwiches with a falafel, salad and mayo filling, along with apples and bananas, and tea from a flask, all consumed in the van after the hike.

Late afternoon was taken up re-mastering one of my older songs called All Night Long. The idea is to raise the profile of The Vegan Songstress by putting these out via Ditto Music. Dinner was jack fruit curry with jasmine rice, and I did some meditation before bed.


It was orange juice to start the day, followed by hash browns, vegan white pudding and fried tomato. I don't usually have something as unhealthy as this - just fancied it for a change.

For lunch I baked vegan oat bread, made with water, oats, salt and a dash of maple syrup. I meditated in the back garden today, watching the beautiful robins and other birds hop from branch to branch. Dinner was roasted vegetables with white rice. And that is what i eat in a week.

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Group of young people practicing yoga In the prayer position at gym, Concept of relaxation and meditation
Group of young people practicing yoga In the prayer position at gym, Concept of relaxation and meditation


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