What i eat


Every Monday I have an early morning spin class; I find it difficult to eat beforehand, so this is always fasted. After my class, I had a protein smoothie with added spinach, avocado, banana, spirulina and coconut water then cycled to work. After showering, I had breakfast - I'm a creature of habit, so this always consists of overnight oats made with soya yoghurt, oat milk and added berries and a little brown sugar, if needed!

Lunch was falafel with pita bread and some houmous. I love raw veg, so I had a side plate of chopped carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes as well. I find this slows down my eating and I enjoy my lunch a lot more. Dinner was a homemade mushroom and walnut Bolognese with spaghetti.


Tuesdays are pretty busy for me, so I try to prep my food the night before. I had a double workout in the morning consisting of a weights and a sprint session, so I had to have a coffee beforehand! Afterwards, I had a larger portion of my overnight oats and add a banana and peanut butter to the mix to push my calories up.

I love Pilates and I have my weekly class before my lunch on Tuesdays. It's helped my core and body control so much! Lunch was an aubergine and lentil moussaka with some 'feta cheese' it's quite high in fat, but so tasty! I coach a men's hockey team on Tuesday evenings, so dinner is on the go. I had a protein shake with some soaked oats and it filled me up.


I had an early morning cycle class again, so my reward afterwards was a green protein smoothie! After that I cycled to the office and had my overnight oats, with a cup of tea with oat milk. I felt hungry before lunch, so I had a Nakd fruit bar (eatnakd.com). Lunch was a tempeh 'BLT' sandwich on wheat bread with a side plate of raw veggies.

I had hockey training in the evening, so I had an early dinner which was a poke bowl with tofu, loads of edamame beans, seaweed, pineapple and a little soy sauce. Post training, I had a protein shake which I sipped on the way home.


I had a day off training (rest day), so I enjoyed scrambled tofu on brown toast for breakfast before I cycled to work, then I had two cups of tea when I got in! Lunch was pitta bread with houmous and raw veggies, which I had to eat at my desk as work was crazy. For dinner I had pesto pasta with roasted veg and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc… it was needed!


I had an early weights session again, I had overnight oats and an oat milk cappuccino afterwards then cycled in to work. We went out for a lunch today and I had a delicious ratatouille dish. I got hungry at about 4pm, so I had a banana and a cup of tea with oat milk to keep me going. Dinner was a treat; I had a vegan pizza with all the mushrooms!


Breakfast was beans on toast with a cup of tea, then I headed to the hockey pitch for a double session. It was an intense two-hour practice, so I grabbed a falafel wrap and a fruit bar for the break. After a 1.5 hour practice match I knew I needed something to help refuel me for the next day, so I made a soya chunk and vegetable pasta bake with a mixed salad on the side.


I enjoyed tofu scramble and spinach on brown toast for breakfast today, as I had another double hockey day. Lunch was leftovers from last night - easy peasy! I was really tired by the end of the weekend, so I had granola and soya yoghurt for dinner and a turmeric latte with oat milk and then started prepping my food for Monday!



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