What I eat in a week...

Sophie Aldred, Doctor Who star and television presenter shares her week of food


My week began with an early start, as I'm currently part of filming for a new project. Getting up in the small hours normally has me looking forward to an early lunch, although by the time I got round to it, the location catering van had packed up and I had to make do with the only vegan item the brilliant crew found for me - an aubergine katsu curry that tasted a bit like something my school might have served in the 1970s…


I had today off, so had much more freedom to decide what to eat. I usually fast between 7pm and 11am so my breakfast is later than most. It consisted of oats and walnuts, cashews and almonds with oat milk. I'm a supporter of the Plant Based Treaty - a campaign to reduce the impact our diets have on the environment through plant-based food.

I know plant milk is always kinder to the planet than dairy, but since seeing a comparison of the different types, I try to choose oat when I can - it uses less land and water and produces fewer emissions. In the evening, my husband made a delicious vegan lasagne. He's an omnivore but is getting increasingly into vegan cooking as he sees how delicious it can be!


I was back on the road again, visiting a Doctor Who museum in Northumberland, so breakfast was a few nuts tossed into a pot. I'm amazed by how many places serve vegan options now, but not wanting to be caught with nothing to eat, I brought my own salad and houmous with me in my Elephant Box. It made me feel quite virtuous about my lunch, so when I later treated myself to one of my favourite guilty pleasures - a bag of salty crisps - I felt like I deserved it.


Today, I was at home, recording a new audiobook by Jonathan Stroud. Both my sons are excellent cooks and made today the foodie highlight of my week. My eldest son, who's also vegan, makes delicious porridge with maple syrup and seeds, and I was allowed a Aubergine Katsu Curry Vegan Lasagne Falafel few spoonfuls from his bowl as well as my usual oats and nuts. He is a big fan of Avant Garde Vegan, Gaz Oakley's YouTube channel. For supper, he made Gaz's Black Bean Stew which was delicious!


I had a busy weekend ahead of me, so I fortified myself with one of my favourite meals, a bowl of steamed fresh veg. I try to eat with the seasons, to preserve their flavour and the environment, so today's lunch comprised some carrots, peas, broccoli and beetroot, topped with liquid aminos and toasted sesame oil. With vegetables this delicious, who needs meat?


Dr Who conventions moved online during the pandemic, but today's was one of my first in-person events for months. It was wonderful to be back chatting with fans and signing their memorabilia. Just as good was the vegan option at the restaurant we visited in Derby. As a vegan, you get to eat a lot of falafels and I've become a bit of a connoisseur. Trust me, these were crispy and special…


The sun finally arrived, so I spent Sunday in the garden with my husband. We both love the idea of growing our own vegetables. Our apple trees have had a bad time this year and have only produced three apples, so we're looking forward to harvesting them in a few weeks. My husband and I also peered at our raised beds and tried to remember what we planted; looks a bit like carrots, but I have a feeling it's very small beetroot. And is that broccoli? I'm sure it will taste extra delicious once it gets big enough!

Sophie Aldred is a supporter of the Plant Based Treaty - a landmark international agreement to put food systems at the heart of combating the climate crisis. You can find out more at plantbasedtreaty.org.



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