What I eat in a week...

Plant-based protein company Bodyhero’s managing director Andy Birch shares his week’s food diary


I start every morning with a bounce on the rebounder to get the lymph flowing and wake up the nervous system! I follow this with some dynamic stretches. I’m a stickler for keeping things simple, so most days are similar. I always start with a glass of water. Breakfast was homemade muesli comprising gluten-free oats, goji berries, chia seeds, raisins, sunflower seeds etc topped with hazelnut milk and red grapes.

Running a plant-based sports nutrition company comes with its perks, so I often have a mid-morning half-a-protein bar, which keeps me going. Lunch is often lovingly prepared by my wife Em (@girl_gonna_heal) who has been vegan for years. Today we had a tofu salad with homemade dressing.

For dinner we had gluten-free pasta with tomato sauce and falafel.


I don’t drink coffee or tea, so began with my usual wake-up routine. I had a variation of my muesli bowl with added chocolate protein. It’s delicious — takes me back to Coco Pops as a child! I later had watermelon as a snack.

I like to get out for a workout at lunchtime, so today I went for a run across the fields. Lunch was a hearty bowl of homemade soup and gluten-free bread. I swiftly followed this up with a protein bar, as I had a sweet craving!

Dinner was an amazing concoction of black quinoa, organic tofu, broccoli and garlic with avocado and cherry tomatoes, and an orange.


Breakfast was all about the cherries. I added them to my muesli bowl, this time with coconut-based yoghurt and chopped-up protein bar.

My wife makes a killer green juice, so today I was gifted a delicious kale, lemon, apple and ginger juice mid-morning. After a lunchtime strength/HIIT workout, I had a green pasta with extra peas for protein and texture, topped with hemp seeds and garlic.

Dinner was on-the-go and I wasn’t that hungry, so I had a protein bar and rice cakes with almond butter, an apple and some grapes.


I had a change for breakfast and added mesa sunrise to my muesli! Mid-morning, I had a craving for watermelon.
After my run, a tempeh and veg bowl was just the ticket. That is until my metabolism raced through so I had half a protein bar later that afternoon.

Following a lovely evening stroll, I was ready for a Cajun roasted cauliflower and tofu dish washed down with a smoothie, which also used cauliflower.


I fancied a change for breakfast, so mixed up protein powder into coconut yoghurt and added nuts, seeds and berries. After a workout, I recovered with a ready-to-drink shake. Lunch was a bit later — light avocado on toast with vegemite and a side salad as Fridays in our house are takeaway night. It’s a tradition we started during lockdown to give ourselves a treat when we couldn’t go out, and we’ve kind of stuck to it since. Our go-to is our local Indian takeaway.


Saturday started with a long dog walk, so we earned some pancakes with coconut yoghurt and loads of berries. Amazing. We’re always on the go on the weekend so lunch was a smash and grab from the fridge. We always have falafels and fruit on hand. And I grabbed a protein shake somewhere in there too after copious hours of lawn mowing! I tend to get the curry bug on the weekend; today I made a pea, chickpea and cauliflower curry with all of the trimmings for dinner. I always make enough to have leftovers on Sunday too.


Sunday was my usual muesli and protein milk combo, with a green juice on the side courtesy of the missus. After a shopping trip, for lunch we had Wagamama’s — you can’t beat it for fresh, nutritious fast food. Dinner was… you guessed it… leftover curry!

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