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Chef Day Radley The plant-powered cook shares her week's food diary

Monday is one of my days off, so I started late with peanut butter on rice cakes, orange juice and black coffee. Our youngest rescue cat, Gino, always joins me for breakfast.

On my days off I eat simply, as I cook so much on the days I am working. Lunch was salad with Natoora salad leaves, black tomatoes and Violife's Greek-style cheese. I topped it with some seeds, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

By dinnertime, the cooking bug got to me! I whipped up a meal using leftovers, I made potato cakes stuffed with a peppery watercress pesto, using roasted peas from Hodmedods to make a crunchy breadcrumb.

The first day of my working week, and it was busy. I started the morning with coffee, peanut butter on rice cakes and Gino, as I always do!

I advertised my 'live recipe' today, which I will be making on Saturday on Facebook live. The recipe is aubergine BLT and looking at the pictures I am using made me instantly want it for lunch! So, that's what I had.

For dinner, I made a mushroom risotto with amazing black trumpet mushrooms and dry white wine.

It was the usual breakfast this morning, with my companion!

I spent the morning talking to my chef students about their career goals, so only had time to grab something quick. Homemade houmous, veg sticks and gluten-free pittas were perfect to eat while I continued to work.

Dinner was a quick one-pan pasta dish with aubergine and rocket.

Today, I had the usual breakfast with the addition of bananas on the rice cakes.

I was photographing food all day, so had a late lunch at 3pm. I enjoyed leftover pasta from last night's dinner.

For dinner, I made a simple polenta dish, using quick cook polenta, along with a simple tomato sauce with lots of onion and garlic.

I added chopped up vegan sausages to the sauce to make the dinner more filling.

Day Radley
Day Radley

Breakfast was the usual, but with extra coffee this morning as I was feeling a little tired.

This morning I was interviewed on BBC Sussex and then I worked on food photos. So, I had a pot of nuts and dried fruit on my desk that kept me going until lunch time.

There was, sadly, no leftovers from dinner last night, so I made a wrap, which was filled with the entire contents of my fridge...

For dinner tonight, I made an easy one-pot noodle dish with lots of mushrooms. I used grated ginger, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk.

Another PB and Gino breakfast this morning. He was a little bit soggy from playing in the garden, but I don't mind.

I spent the morning setting up for my live show. I prepared all of the ingredients and then had an early lunch. I always eat a little before the show and then also after the show. My early lunch was raw sweet potato and houmous.

The show went really well, all of my community were in fine form, making jokes and many cooked along with me. My late lunch was food from the show: aubergine BLT.

For dinner on Saturday night, we always have Co-Op GRO burgers and sweet potato chips roasted with coconut oil.

Finally, my day off, so we had breakfast in bed. It was the same breakfast but with orange juice and many more cat cuddles.

As I had more time today, I made a cauliflower dish that takes longer to cook. The cauliflower was roasted with zaatar, a delicious middle eastern spice mix. I served it with rice and green lentils, plus pickled red onions, roasted red onions, lots of coriander leaf, spicy tahini sauce and pomegranate molasses.

In the afternoon I made a cobbler with apples and blueberries, so we ate it whilst it was still warm with big cups of tea.

In the evening I was still full from lunch and cobbler, so I had a bowl of fruit.

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