What I eat in a week...Maryanne Hall from Viva!

Viva! food and cookery manager, Maryanne Hall, shares her food diary

This morning, I made my favourite quick, hearty breakfast of scrambled tofu on sourdough with spinach. I'd been working on our new Viva! V7 programme (7dayvegan.viva.org.uk) and made sure that I included the scrambled tofu recipe as it's so delicious.

For lunch, I had kale salad with a tahini and soy sauce marinade. I made Domoda (Gambian peanut stew) in the evening, with brown rice, steamed broccoli and soya yoghurt. I went to The Gambia a couple of years ago and was amazed to find that one of the most common national dishes was vegan. I created my own version and it's become one of the most searched for recipes on Vegan Recipe Club!

My lovely colleague, Helen, and I designed a budget recipe guide and this is when she introduced me to her apple and peanut butter muffins! I'd got a couple in the freezer, so warmed one up for breakfast - so tasty.

For lunch, I had my office go-to - baked sweet potato with salad, houmous and marinated tempeh. Later today, I was helping out with the Viva!/Million Dollar Vegan joint campaign, which aimed to provide 2,000 meals to those in need and affected by the pandemic. I needed to eat something quick beforehand, so I made beans on toast with nooch, cherry tomatoes, avocado, spinach and seeds.

I've been trying to be healthy, so I've been on the smoothies recently. I do a course every Wednesday so I need lots of energy. This morning I had my regular blend of frozen berries, banana, peas, broccoli, celery, beetroot, coconut, cacao powder, flax, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, buckwheat flakes, dates and soya milk (very random, I know, but it's actually delicious!).

I have to pack a lunch and a dinner for the course, so today I made sandwiches with baba ganoush, avocado, marinated tofu, alfalfa sprouts and tomato with a Bounce almond butter protein ball, raw carrot and apple as snacks. For dinner, I took along a quick meal to heat up, which was a one pot pad Thai that I made the day before.

I was developing new Christmas recipes today, so I made sure I baked/photographed the cinnamon swirls first, to be able to enjoy a nice Scandinavian-style breakfast. I needed something quick and healthy for lunch, so I put together one of my go-tos of toasted sourdough with tahini, avocado, wilted spinach, fried garlic and cherry tomatoes, topped with seeds, alfalfa sprouts and a mustard dressing.

For dinner, I ate another of the Christmas recipes - a leek and chestnut filo swirl with creamy mushroom and white wine sauce. I was lucky enough to enjoy it with all the trimmings including roast potatoes, roast garlic, lemon baked Brussels sprouts, greens and cranberry sauce.

I was cooking Christmas recipes again today and made a Biscoff cheesecake and a Baileys chocolate cake - I had a bit of each, but I don't always eat this unhealthily - honest!

For lunch, I tried to balance out the cake by doing online yoga and eating a herby quinoa salad. By the evening, I didn't want to cook, so I had a takeaway from Marlings Chinese. My ex-colleague (after a few drinks) once said that he was going to persuade the tiny Chinese take away down the road to create a vegan option for every item on their menu… I laughed and said there was no way, which seemed to spur him on. Marlings is now one of the most popular vegan destinations in Bristol with mock chicken, duck, beef, prawn and squid options - amazing!

After all that cooking I needed to get out on my bike and into nature. One of the great things about Bristol is that beautiful countryside is only a 10 minute cycle ride from the city. To keep me going, I treated myself to French toast made from tofu, plant milk and nutritional yeast. I added berries, yoghurt and a drizzle of syrup. For lunch, I defrosted and cooked up some spinach, tofu and potato rostis with salad and houmous. I cheated again this evening and defrosted a portion of spinach and 'ricotta' cannelloni that I'd made previously and ate it with a big salad - this is my favourite dish ever!

In the morning I made Rose Elliot's frangipane tart for my mum's birthday, which she absolutely loved. We have a guest chef section on Vegan Recipe Club and it was the first time I'd tried this recipe created by Rose Elliot. I met my mum for a dog walk, so I had a big brunch which consisted of baked beans, roasted cherry tomatoes, avocado, toast, hash browns, Sainsbury's Shroomdogs and This Isn't Bacon. I'd normally make a roast for dinner in the evening, but after eating a full Christmas dinner on Thursday (!) I opted for something lighter. Instead, I made a delicious beetroot dhal from Rebel Recipes. I cooked up enough to freeze afterwards and enjoyed it with brown rice, steamed cauliflower and coconut yoghurt.

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